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ES6 - Javascript Improved

This course is a free course offered by Udacity (accessible here) which aims to introduce Javascript learners to what the relatively new Javascript Spec (ES6) brings to the table.

Generally, the course is divided into 4 lessons, with each lesson handling a group of core concepts introduced with the ‘new’ spec. These 4 lessons are:


Here better ways to create variables were introduced as well as more convinient methods for string interpolation and creating objects.

Both Array and Object destructuring was also touched on here and a new kind of loop was introduced too. And yeah, two new ‘convinience’ operators.


The shorter arrow function expression, default function params and new ways to create classes were touched on here.

Built Ins

The new JS data type Symbol, Sets & Weaksets, Maps & Weakmaps, Promise, Proxies andd Generators were discussed here.

“Developer FU”

Nothing new to learn, just (very) helpful hints.